About the Office

About the Office

With more than 35 years and 1000 projects, the office is today recognized as an innovative leader in the field of design. The office maintains a large client portfolio from government entities to private sectors and individuals.

NG Design Office is an experienced, medium size consultant, presently operating in Egypt and abroad.The office was established in January 1985 as a private office by consultant Architect Nader A. Goubran. Today, NG Design Office is based in New Cairo – Egypt. The office received its ISO 9001:2015 certification since 2006 and was certified as a Consulting Firm by the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers since 2007. 

NG Design Office has developed, through its projects, affiliations with several reputable design and consulting firms in Egypt, as well as Europe, the Americas, and Asia. This has allowed the office to expand its portfolio of projects globally. It also enabled the office to access the state-of-the-art design knowledge, equipment and techniques.

Today NG Design Office offers multi-disciplinary services in the fields of planning, design, engineering, construction management and construction supervision. The office’s integrated studies span the range of the construction sector. 



The philosophy of the office has always been to provide our clients with comprehensive high-quality solutions ensured by a professional attitude within fair cost. The office’s dynamic doctrine of participation enabled it to meet the expectations of private entrepreneurs as well as develop solutions well-fitting to acute and sensitive developmental problems.

About the Office

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